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TAAM engineering manufactures air cooled vapor condensers to condense steam and organic vapors using ambient air as the cooling medium. Wire wound fin tubes are used for making the condenser coils compact and economical. Base tubes of carbon steels, copper and copper alloys, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 and other stainless steel grades finned with galvanised mild steel, copper and stainless steel fins are used in fabrication of the air cooled condenser, finned tube coils. The body material used so far is carbon steel and stainless steels.

We design complete fin fan heat exchanger assembly and also supply as assembled unit comprising of finned tube condenser coil, the transition piece and the fan.

air cooled condenser assembled with fan.

TAAM engineering

B-222,MIDC, Malegaon

Sinnar, District Nashik

India 422 103


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+91 2551 230923


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