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Air Coolers and Air Chillers for industrial applications, Finned Tube Cooling Coils - design, manufacture and export

Air coolers and chillers of the following types are designed and manufactured by us:

Cooling of air may be necessitated when air is being re-circulated over an equipment getting heated up during operation. Air coolers are used to cool air for cooling of large motors, alternators and generators.

Air chiller is used to cool air to a temperature low enough to condense out the moisture to achieve required relative humidity suitable for use in dryers after heating the chilled air. Our designs and construction is compact and economical even where the LMTD is low.

Wire wound fin tubes are used for making the finned air coolers and chillers coils. This makes these heat exchangers compact, economical with lower pressure drops.  Base tubes of carbon steels, copper and copper alloys, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 and other stainless steel grades finned with galvanised mild steel, copper and stainless steel fins are used in fabrication of the air cooled condenser. The body material used so far is carbon steel and stainless steels.

industrial water cooled air cooler.

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